Daz Studio Integration


Installing and verifying install

As part of running the installer, you should have automatically run a setup script for Daz Studio that will install several custom action scripts for integration. If everything went well, when you next re-start Daz Studio, you will see an Artful Physics menu shown here in the upper right.

If you’re lucky, you’ll also see some actions in your toolbar as shown here to “Send Anim” and “Read Cloth”. These are the same actions included in the menu and you can move them around as you want with the standard “Customize” options in Daz Studio.

Send Anim (from Daz Studio)

The first step is to export your character and any animations. To keep things simple for the first time, you should start with an empty scene containing only the character you want to work with. You should save that scene in whatever place you normally use. The Send Anim menu item or taskbar button will export the data from your scene into a “.jsim” file. Make sure you know where this file is saved to so that you can import it into Artful Tailor in the next step.

Load Animation (into Artful Tailor)

Now you can switch to the Artful Physics Tailor app. In this app, use the Load Animation menu item to read in the .jsim file you just created.
This should be the 2nd item from the top of the left-hand menu.

This will load your figure and any animations attached to it into the simulator.

Export Cloth (from Artful Tailor)

Once you are done designing and simulating your clothing model, you will use the Export Cloth button to send this clothing model back to Daz Studio. The cloth will be save as an obj file - but you shouldn’t need to know this as the integration should take care of this for you.

Read Cloth (back into Daz Studio)

Switching back to Daz Studio, the Read Cloth toolbar action or menu item will read this generated cloth model back in and attach it to your figure. From here, the clothing can have its surface setup like any other model.


This cycle can be repeated until you’re happy with exactly what you’ve got. A common next step would be to switch to the last animation frame (frame 30) and pose the figure as you want. The Send Anim action will send this new animation back to Tailor. If you switch to the Tailor app, this new animation should just autoload. You can adjust your clothing models and draping here, and then from Tailor use Export Cloth to send the new model back and then use Read Cloth to read the results back in Daz Sutdio.

You can continue iterating with this loop until you get the desired result. Sometimes there will be a need to adjust either the final pose or the animated path to that pose to better correspond to the physical simulation behavior you are looking for.

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Navigation or Camera Controls

Q: If we didn’t select to install the Daz Plug-in (or, in my case, if we lose it when we change work layouts in Daz), how do we re-install the Daz Plug-in? Do we need to back-up our patterns and then re-install Tailor…?


Good question! For sure you can reinstall Tailor once its installation is fast and gives you again the option of installing the plugin for Daz. Anyway, an option to Daz integration install or remove inside Tailor would be really useful, including an option to instal it for Daz beta versions.


Jim, about integration I really miss that options showed in the videos “Interactive Cloth Simulation: DAZ Studio Plugin Prototype” and “Interactive Cloth Simulation”. In the first one mentioned I like the option of work both the two programs side by side with the Daz pose reflecting instantly to Tailor. I the second video we can edit the character pose directly into Tailor what if is not a priority need it’s a really good tool for standalone studies inside Tailor.


Jim, besides the pants and skirts patterns I’ve asked for in the other section here it’s my most important request, the possibility to use Genesis 8 characters instead only the G3. I hope I’m not alone in this request because G3 is really useless for me. I jumped directly from G2 characters to G8, once the generation 3 never worked fine for me. But with G8 I’m having a great experience. So if you could do that, it will really be amazing.


See my Bug Report message (DS


Good idea, but this is unlikely to make it to the top of the priority stack soon. What I do want to do is to expose the Daz studio script to people more clearly so that they can look at the scripts and even modify them as they see fit. All you need to do to “install” into a different version of DS is to drag and drop the “DazStudioIntegration/Install.dsa” script into studio.

Thanks for the feedback on this. As you can tell from the history of my videos, I once considered these important features but I removed them from the first “real” release. It’s good to know that you’re missing this…

Supporting the G8 characters makes perfect sense. I have been trying to do this in a way that helps me get closer to bringing in arbitrary characters, but if that continues to take too long then I will absolutely give you the G8 characters as a one-off.

BTW - I’m sorry for the delay in this response to your questions.

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Thanks. G8 characters would really be great. No apologies necessary for the delay. I understand you have too much to work at this stage of the development.


I would second the kind request for Genesis 8 character integration as they’re the only figures I use in Daz nowdays! Many thanks Jim

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Does this work with Daz Studio 4.10.0.x which has more feature with dforce engine?


It works with DAZ Studio but the animation and fitting is done in AT and the final fitted cloth is sent to DAZ Studio.


Does it work with DS or not, what is the bug you reported?
I can see rich stiffness and damper parameters adjustable in daz 4.10 which AT does not care, instead it uses only three parameters implement the simulation. So I guess there would be no difference between daz 4.10 and 4.09.


I reported no bug that I remember. I am using DAZ Studio


Well, thanks for that!


Hi, I am very keen to use Genesis 8 as well.


Well it works with Genesis 8 too.


Did you get the 2nd release v .01.1? Liaoxin and Theo?


Yes! Everything is working well, thank you!