Question... New person


I’m newly registered and I was wondering if the program had the ability to pose the models? I would like to become a patron but only if it has some of the video aspects



No, what you do is:

  1. The model you animate in DAZ Studio.
  2. In frame 1 (or frame 0) the model must be in a T-pose. It is human Genesis 3 or Genesis 8 only with no clothing. The clothing you send later after you make it in Artful Physics Tailor
  3. Animate completely in DAZ Studio
  4. Open Artful Physics Tailor
  5. Go back to frame 1 (frame 0) in DAZ Studio & click the button in DAZ Studio that the Artful Physics Tailor program installed.
  6. Now you short see the model change & be animated in Artful Physics Tailor as it was in DAZ Studio. You edit the worn clothing pattern or you load and edit a new clothing pattern. The clothing patterns are extremely limited currently but let’s hope that changes.
  7. After you are satisfied with the clothing pattern you save the edited pattern.
  8. In DAZ Studio click on the button that was added to DAZ Studio when you installed Artful Physics Tailor.
  9. The clothing almost instantly appears on the model in DAZ Studio.

That’s it in a nutshell, the program can’t really do anything else, it’s not supposed to. It is supposed to eventually get much improved in clothing editing capabilities though and in available clothing patterns that we have available to load as starting pattern.



Don’t bother becoming a patron. Jim put out the program in January and hasn’t bothered coming back. I even sent a letter to his home with no response. I hung in there until July and stopped my support. I do comeback here at least once a day to see if he has stopped in though.