Tutorial for all functions


I currently have a few issues with the plugin. In the current state it doesn’t feel really intuitive and exporting animations of clothes is a struggle.

When I load the figure with animation and clothes into the scene I would like to press one button to calculate the physics for the animation and export it. This is just not possible.

To be honest, I didn’t put that much time into the plugin yet, but a simple tutorial covering all the functions so far would be appreciated. Thanks!


This sounds like a really reasonable request. I will look into providing an intro tutorial showing how the features work.

To help me out with a little clarification. Are you mainly interested in exporting animations of clothes over many frames so that you can then generate a movie from Daz? This is working - but is a somewhat more advanced feature that is documented particularly poorly. Or are you mainly interested in exporting the clothing for a particular pose in order to produce a final image render? This is the much more common case of what people have been doing and this may be mainly an issue of making the existing documentation more visible.

I’m sorry things are hard to use at this stage, but I really appreciate you taking the time to speak up about your confusion. Hopefully I can figure out how to improve things to make them easy and intuitive for you.


I want mostly use it for animations with multiple frames and I want to mention that if you import a animation after you started the program, the cloth will have issues as long as the character doesn’t start off with a T-Pose.