Some things I have made, and some kind requests for Jim


Hi there Jim, I’ve been greatly enjoying using the program, you are in my mind a real genius! Love the ‘tube’ system for extruding different parts of the garment and making elaborate and primarily ARTISTICALLY PLEASING folds is a dream; Daz integration is perfect too. There are a few renders here of some tests…

Some features here I would love - I’m sure you’re aware of a great deal of these so please just humour me :]

Splits - a simple feature, to make for example those very sexy leg revealing maxi dresses. It would be nice to be able to draw a line from point to point which would then split the fabric - similar of course to Marvelous.

Belts or Elastic - it’d be great to also be able to drag a circular ‘band’ along any area of the clothing following its contour, and then be able to ‘suck in’ or tighten this band. Again Marvelous does have a feature like this but you aren’t able to draw them on the 3D model, only the 2D pattern as far as I know.

Hoods - It’d be wonderful to have a dedicated feature to extrude a hood from the collar / neckline, the points/nodes could be placed as to create a square hood, pointed ‘wizard’ style hood, monk hood etc.

Open-fronted garments - dragging the front point down should be able to divide the front of the garment when it reaches the floor - as it is in the current version it leaves a thin string as I’m sure you know.

Pinning - VERY essential feature of course for achieving buttons, but I would particularly like just a simple pin or tack feature to facilitate making elaborate draperies like togas or classically styled religious garb etc. Different types of pin shape and size (buttons, togs, brooches etc) would be pleasant.

Particle Resolution - the ability to make the minimum particle distance smaller would be great, I have attempted to make ‘strappy’ type dresses like this one:

And of course this occurs.
Related to this I would love the ability (this is probably very easy to integrate) to change the visibility of certain tubes, parts of the pattern in order to facilitate things like this dress:

If I were able to make the glitched ‘straps’ part of my dress above invisible but still doing its job of holding up the bottom part that’d be fantastic and help with things ‘slipping off’ when the animation is played etc.

Layering - this may be a very pie-in-the-sky feature but I think if you want to have a real edge over Marvelous it’d be KILLER to be able to have a layer system, with multiple starting patterns arranged in a hierarchy. This would facilitate for example the ability to have a coat over a jumper, a waistcoat over a shirt etc.

Prints - I certainly miss the ability to see a print texture from the original demo video you made Jim - not sure what happened to this, if it was too buggy etc. But I think having the ability to add seamless custom prints to individual parts of the clothing independently would be incredible

I also think as someone else suggested that the sliders should make a return from the original demo build. They seem particularly useful for increasing the pleating or ‘gathering’ of the fabric for skirts etc. without having to rotate the camera behind the figure and pull out the nodes every time.

Forgive me if this is rather long and overwhelming, any of these features I would be absolutely over the moon with - many thanks and greatly anticipating the next version!


Here are some further attempts at making a kimono-like dress, a medieval monk/religious icon robe (interesting and statue-esque folds are created when the mesh is set to single-sided), and experimenting with the gravity set to 0 for an airborne sort of floaty pose :slight_smile:


Kimono sleeves should probably be a feature request. They need a tube offset, rather than a taper for the square-drape part.

Fun to see all these pictures! :slight_smile: