Priorities for the next release


There are a lot of features that I would really like to work on for the next release of Artful Tailor. If you would like to try and steer the direction of my work, please respond to this poll. A more detailed reply to this message of what you are either blocked by or most interested in would be even better. Feel free to quote yourself or link to existing threads if you’ve already done this elsewhere. Sometimes it is hard to tease out the difference between nice-to-haves and desperately-want from those threads in context.

  • Polish - tooltips, error handling, UI/UX quality, uninstall experience, simpler patches, …
  • Integration and Platforms - build for Mac OS, integration with other figures and Blender/Maya/?, …
  • Clothing Design Features - more patterns, split fronts, buttons, tubes on top of tubes, …
  • Better Figures/Actors in Tailor - posing figures in Tailor (like in the very first video), soft-body dynamics on figures, hair, …
  • Other - elaborate below

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Caveat: The item with the most “votes” is not guaranteed to be worked on the most or even at all - but it can’t hurt to ask.


Without a doubt for me the way to get me really spending a lot of time using and testing Artful Physics Tailor would be make it possible for me to make an old time baseball uniform.

Example shirt:

Example Pants & entire Uniform:

I’d be over the top with expanded patterns & more access to manipulate patterns in APT.



It would be nice if you could also bring back precise pattern editing via sliders you showed in this video:


Yes, excellent, and that access to a library of preset poses via icons is very convenient to see how he pattern looks and behaves if it could be brought back too.


I personally miss the ability to shape the collar most at the moment. I would love to make a v-neck for example. Right now I have to export clothes to zBrush and edit them further for such things. Oh…and pants, can we get simple pants? :smiley:

Also, simming objects that are not clothes, like blankets and hair - with a center of gravity setting.


I’m just trying to honor San Francisco’s traditions - :grin:


This sounds like something that would be easy to implement - but I’m not sure I understand exactly what you want. I want to understand what you want because easy-to-implement features that make people happy are really nice.

What is it that seems easier or more powerful or better about the sliders vs. the current design? Could you describe doing a couple of things with the UI shown in the video above that would be harder or impossible with the current design?


This makes sense and is likely to be pretty easy. How much control would you like?

  • A button to turn v-neck on or off
  • Another control point on the collar to change the shape of the curve?
  • A full-on bezier handle at the center point of the collar for fairly arbitrary shaping?


Could you explain more about what you mean by “center of gravity setting”?


Well mainly it’s verbal to help us understand better what we a changing that visually might not be so apparent. Eventually one would use either fluently I suppose.

I suppose you could do nearly the same if a little yellow ‘info’ blurb appeared when a user hovered over a gizmo control sphere.


It’s mostly preference. It’s easier for me to use sliders than to use the current handles to achieve what I want.
Example be where I want to do frills on sleeves where I move one of the points and have them create bizarre cones or have the other end shrink for no good reason.

If I had sliders like in the video, namely star scale/end scale I would just pull them up and be done with.


I think being able to set any of the midpoints to sharp would be good. So the collar front, collar back, midpoint at the bottom of the shirt, front and back.


I imagine it would be nice if I would have something like an on-spot options menu popping up on the collar when I for example would CTRL-Click it and set the basic shape for that tube, like V-Neck, or blouse collar or simple collar or a hoodie - that would give me the desired shape instantly and I can then just shape it further from there with the drag-on-it-directly controls like now…that would be very nice, and I would not have to hunt a single option in the larger side menus, I fear those would get cluttered if you include that additionally there.

I would also love the MD-like functionality where you drag anything and want precise distances, you can press the right mouse button while dragging something, and you can enter a number (i.e. 15mm) for the distance into a box…but thats just an afterthought, a pure convenience thing right now.


Literally like you could set a point where gravity is attracting things to - and to what extent. Like the little grabbing ball you use for grabbing and draping, a little ball that you could drag around the scene and that represents the gravity center if its not set to default-below. Imagine you have a scene from a good old horror movie where possessed people float around, or you want to sim clothing from people floating on the ISS. You could manipulate how much and where to things fall on the collision body. Useful for ghosty-blankets or hair too. Or, If I would make an underwater scene I could make hair float this way without it having it look blown away by wind.

Or you have a simple pattern of two sheets sewn on all sides, you move the center of gravity in between it, set it to a negative value, and it blows up to a pillow. Very much like the pressure option in MD in this case. I use this to shape fabric things like pillows or blankets against a collider (mostly characters or furniture) usually.


I wonder if having an option to half, or dynamically set, the cloth resolution would be a reasonable alternative for people running slower/older graphics cards.

I think the cloth might still look pretty good, even at half the resolution it is now. Especially considering Sub-D can be applied in DAZ to the static model of each frame.


I’m running a very old integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 and performance is more than acceptable and has improved in this newest beta as well. I’m not intending to use APT for realtime animation purposes.


I am thinking the full-on bezier handles might be pretty important, especially with more patterns.

In the picture, I can only adjust the curve by moving the middle dot. How the curve enters the upper and lower dot is hard to control, and often results in extra fabric protruding out under the arm. If we could reshape the curve with handles from the upper and lower dot as well, it would make trimming patterns to fit snug much easier.

Patterns first though! This would be refining, I guess.


Or maybe the ability to add additional dots on the curves?


Failing to be able to give real world measurements on these flat patterns in cm, mm, and so on, that we should be able to ratios of each edge of a polygon to each other for a flat pattern and an angle for each edge intersection of a polygon edge. Thinking of the definitions for equilateral, isosceles triangle, and do on, that would an important part of the tools needed to enable us of to create Simplicity style patterns without all the fashion world technical jargon they use to describe such things and which I have no ideal about.


Just to be sure everyone knows I’m following this thread with great interest, here’s a quick picture of what I spent yesterday working on.

After I polish these up a bit, I’m going to look at control points (and sliders) to see what I can do to incorporate your feedback there.