Priorities for the next release


Oh. That looks great! :smiley:


Yeah! Super! I look forward to it.


I really like that they are already more than just simple pants, as they have cuffs. Is the waistband also a separate tube? It looks like it. We’ll be able to make “Kylo Ren” pants if it is! :laughing:


Yay, pants :slight_smile:


Exciting!! I can hardly wait!


Just so you know, when I replied to this poll by ticking integration with other software, I had iClone in mind.
I don’t use blender or Maya much at all.

I love the idea of pants, and layers of vests, belts and jackets over shirts, but I’ve gone as far with testing as I can until it’s more compatible with my animation suite (but I can also understand how that is not your priority here anyway). It’s also been 2 months since the last update, with another payment due soon. I’ve got a lot of expenses at the moment with a mini-series I’m working on, so I need to cut back on my budget by suspending my patronage here for a while. But I really wish you the best of luck. If ever you do happen to develop this with a plug-in for iClone I’ll be back so fast, I’ll probably spin you round, LOL… so chow for now, but with all my best wishes,


I voted other because my answer is not in the list. I really -love- this program, what I need would be :

  1. a way to use these capabilities on objects that are not human characters. That would make this software a real game changer for me & other artists I know.

  2. change in cloth properties for the single garment, instead of the whole piece of clothing (But I know this is already in the list)

  3. using the cloth alone (i.e. to build hard cloth objects like backpacks, shoes, etc.). This is strictly tied to the last point, as to make those you’d need very stiff cloths.

Other than that, any new small feature regarding clothing design is very welcome for me. Point 1 is my top priority at the moment. Hoping that the project is still up and running.


Oh, forgot all about that post. The next release is going to be quality!


I wish for accurate and automatically size matching to any skinned body, and more physics accurate cloth parameters to support, make this a plugin for unity, like obi, but more capable than obi.


I’ve voted for additional compatibility like Blender etc, but a full standalone version could be more versatile. It would have it’s own importer Fbx,Obj alembic or any format, then export it’s own files like abc, mdd,pc2 etc.With it’s one pinning and weight painting system. The Daz only integration is hard to include in any pipeline.


DAZ has import and export of FBX or obj and an alembic add-on you can purchase in their DAZ Store.

DAZ Studio is the easiest program to use to rig models, especially clothing as you just transfer the rig from the base model wearing the clothing and make adjustments.

Have you tried the diffeomorphic freebie Blender add-on between DAZ Studio & Blender?

I still see as the most pressing need the need to transform APT into something similar to MD.

And more than needing extensions to APT I would like to know how to make patterns like pants and shirts that work with APT. OK, I can make pants in Blender but how do I make those pants so that I can use with APT as I can’t make pants in APT with the current functionality?


I’m more into the animation side. If it was just for posing the Daz exclusive piepline could be one of the best solution.For example i create my characters with Iclone CC2 or soon 3 , i animate them in Iclone then export the animated FBX. Then I need a tool to create cloths and animate them. As Artful Physics is a genesis exclusive tool , the pipeline is blocked or gonna be slow with the conversions. I need a pipeline where i can modify the animation from iclone and can deploy these animations easily through the whole pipeline until the final render sofware like Unity or UE . For example with marvelous designer it can be done or with any other software which can enter in-between like, maya, blender etc. the big difference that made me interested in AP is the real-time cloth anim capabilities.


Well post an animated gif then!


Those, shorts, socks, gloves, and a general belt, necklace, bracelet are very much wanted.

Also Hair but short & long male & female styles would be appreciated.

I know personally I could learn modeling and have some already & make these things the old fashioned way but that seems to me that be a way that doesn’t work so well while APT is able to create lovely draping of clothing quite easily without tons of hours wasted creating not quite convincing draping.