Artful Physics terms of use?


Hi, I’ve been trying to contact Jim multiple times on this with no luck. I wonder if any of you knows of a documentation about what we are allowed to do with artful physics, if it’s usable for commercial work / if I can show my works to anybody else.

I know the forum has been silent for a while now, but I’ve made some impressive work with it and not knowing if I can show it around is a tad frustrating. Thanks


Post them here for us to see please. Do you know how to make new patterns that work with APT?

It’s my understanding you can use the meshes created with APT commercially or just as hobby. You can’t decompile the Unity executable though and use that.

I’m pretty sure Jim is working on APT but think he is one of those types that much have it working just right before he shows the general public. However, that could be a long time as SW is difficult. I started to try & contact him but though he knows we are here already as each of us are donating at least $10 a month. That money shows up in his bank statements monthly so no forgetting.

Just getting a variety of shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, robes, and such working as pattern in APT is a tall order. I think the pants have trouble with falling down.


Hi! No, I don’t know how to make new patterns. I mostly worked with the standard tube-modeling (pardon my imprecise terminology). I meant mostly the final render. The clothing created with artful physics is insanely realistic, I’ve made a number of nice works with it. I’ll post something asap!

I’m sure the project is ongoing, I am really hyped to see what’s next. Hopefully soon! I insist because I really love this software and never found something quite like it before (even marvelous designer is much slower to me, and collisions seem much, much better in APT) & would be very sad to see it disappear.


I really like the clothing created with it too. I hope very much that creating pants and shirts with buttons is possible in the next version as I want to make baseball uniforms with APT.

I look forward to you posts of your renders.