Source code for supporters?

I know this project is not being actively supported, but I am really interested in how gpu accelerated cloth simulation is implemented in this software. I would like to know if I pay 10 bucks will I get the source code?

I pledged this project before to the tune of about $120 last year and I can tell you the author gets all the accelerated cloth physics via Unity 3D’s cloth simulation library I think.

If the author is not going to continue it would be nice that we got the source code so those of us that pledged could make our own efforts at extending the cloth pattern making and import & export though.

Another person in the forum claimed to have spoken with the author’s son a few months back and said the son said the author has not actually stopped working on this project. He just never communicates with his supporters.

That’s interesting, since from author’s talk for Unity, he is using shaders to do parallel physics computation, which boost the simulation speed.
I found another github repo that is doing gpu accelerated cloth simulation in Unity. It says based on a private repo, not sure they related or not.
That said, if the author is not providing source code, then I won’t bother paying the money. Thanks for the information!

Well, I’m not sure. I made a guess because I did try out 2 versions of Jim’s APT and the second version was much faster than the 1st version and the 2nd version not so coincidentally included an upgrade to the cloth simulation physics within Unity proper.

Also, that talk he gave was how long ago now? 3 or 4 years. A lot of things have been much improved in Unity since then.

I’ve bought and used OOTI Cloth Simulation from the Unity Asset Store & performance of that and Jim’s APT are similar.

In a way I’m not surprised that he hasn’t said anything since opening APT on Patreon in Dec 2017 because it was a gap of about a year or more between his Unity talk and APT showing up on Patreon.

I thought that meant he was ready to add the finishing touches to a product which would have involved improved the GUI and adding more clothing patterns to make it like a (very) poor man’s Marvelous Designer but he has done and said nothing in his patreon forum to indicate otherwise. I paid Jim actually 50% of Marvelous Designer perpetual license cost. Sorry, even Michelangelo & Da Vinci got the patronage boot when they didn’t produce what their patrons wanted. It’s totally unreasonable to expect people to pledge a minimum of 10 dollars a month, month after month, for no product, no product plans, and or any sort of communication at all. I was very patient. Others are still patient even today I think some are still pledging.

Hi @John_Andrew_Grogan

Would you be so kind to share the link of OOTI cloth u mentioned that is similar performance as APT?

I google and searched in unity store. No luck
Tried obi cloth. It’s cpu based so it’s slow although robust.

Sorry, got the vendor names mixed up. It is Virtual Method not OOTI. The product is OBI Cloth by Virtual Method:

I see. Thanks. I tried obj it’s great quality solver but it’s CPU based and performance is too far from other GPU based ones including artful physics demo


No, it’s as fast as the Artful Physics demo program in my experience with it but then again I only have an integrated 3rd Gen Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU so the CPU & GPU performance are similar for such SW.

I do only mobile apps in Unity so these high speed nVidia / AMD accelerated libraries aren’t of much use on mobile devices.

Good luck.