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Thanks for being here and a part of this community. Artful Physics seems to turn into a very powerful tool for Daz Studio, and I hope, my hardware is strong enough to run it.
Unfortunately I am injured at the moment, so I am not able to move my shoulder and arm to work on my Laptop, but as soon as my shoulder is fine again, I will try out this really awful tool.


I am so sorry to hear about your shoulder! Being injured just sucks. Get well soon and let me know what you think of this “awful tool”.


Thank you, Jim, I hope that I can use my arm again next weeks and I am very excited to test. One question, do you think an alienware 17R4 with the nvidia mobile 1080 gpu can handle your tool?
Thx, Peter


Thanks for making this great tool Jim, have used it a little just now and marvelling at how smooth and quick the simulation runs as opposed to programs such as Marvelous Designer
I’m a figurative artist and designer hoping to use this program to assist with reference for me, shall try and give detailed feedback and suggest some features that might appeal to this particular field - a somewhat untapped area of the market imo!


I have used it quite happily on an MSI laptop with a mobile 1060 GPU. An alienware with a mobile 1080 should be a pretty good experience. I hope this is what you find.


Cool! I’m looking forward to see what you do with it and how it could work better for you.


OK, so it was late last night US EST when I pledged but this morning I did download Artful Physics Beta. Some notes on your beta:

  1. The install path for Artful Physics is in a totally bizarre place from what most Windows users would expect. I guess that’s OK though if all the project and find results files will be saved in a personal folder for Artful Physics in their personal Documents folder.

  2. As I said on YouTube I have an HP 8470P with i7-3630 with intel HD Graphics 4000 (openGL 4.0, openCL 1.2, directX 11) with 16GB RAM. My first attempt to dawdle around confirms yes it is slow but it is definately fast enough to be a serviceable workflow.

  3. As this is a program intended to work with DAZ Studio you will have many retired folk with old computers, even older than mine, want to use this program, so while you still need to state the minimum hardware and software requirements that will still confuse many non-computer savy DAZ Studio hobbyists that what nothing more than to create scenes of people wearing pretty clothing. So lucky for you that DAZ 3D themselves recently introduced a dynamic physics feature to DAZ Studio 4.10.x called dForce that has roughly the same hardware and software requirements as Artful Physics you might want to mention that when you refine the requirement writeup for Artful physics.

  4. Now the fun part for me and what I thank you so much for. The creating of dynamic clothing in Artful Physics. I am doing a render now of a scene Madonna & Child using clothing modeled and rigged for DAZ 3D. I have drapped it using DAZ Studio’s new dForce cloth dynamics which can be very hit and miss on whether it works and so far on the clothing I have tried even when it works nicely, there are areas where one must clean up little gotchas. So my 1st test with the Artful Physics will be to recreate this Madonna & Child scene using your dynamic clothing creation. It’s complex enough and different enough I think to be a good 1st learning project.

So give me 2 days to get familiar and try things out so I can give you more feedback and have questions about Artful Physics.

Thanks again very much!


The install path is the standard install path for single-user installations. As you correctly point out, most programs don’t use this path. The reason that I picked it is that you can install there without admin privileges and I really like to have code demand as few privileges from the user as possible. I don’t think that I want to change this, but I will keep this in mind as a possible issues if it troubles more users.

This sounds like a good idea. I really don’t want people to try and use this software and be surprised by its performance on their machine. I’m not too worried for this initial wave of brave users - but this will only become a bigger issue as the rest of the software becomes more solid but this hardware requirement doesn’t change.

I’m looking forward to hearing how this goes and getting your next wave of feedback on what could be better.
Thanks for the feedback! - Jim


Hi guys,

Just pledged. Have not gotten any further yet. Want to say “Thanks Jim” for creating this cool thing. I’m actually an iClone user, but it’s really easy to adapt the models for use in iClone, rather than DAZ.


I havn’t quite figured out where to find the actual download on this site. Could I get a pointer?


Does it show up if you search for “first release”? If it doesn’t show up, then there’s an issue with your patreon connection that I’ll need to look into.


Hi Rampa, I’m here too, just finding my way around… if you click on the “Welcome to Discourse” logo at the top, it takes us to a kind of contents page.


Sorry, something weird happened then… my reply was posted twice - once before and once after I changed my logo, so I just deleted one. (in case you were wondering why the post above is deleted)


Here’s the direct link; Rampa; https://community.artfulphysics.com/t/first-release-of-artfulphysicstailor-v0-1-0/17

Also, many thanks Rampa for sharing this in the iClone forum. This is already something great we can use! :star_struck:


I got it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m blown away! Have only been creating stuff so far. I have yet to export anything and send on to iClone. Through Blender for rigging/weight transfer, of course.


Okay, what sort of a beast of a GPU are you running on? That looks like the kind of clothing model that would bring my machine to its knees!

Does iClone have a format for passing in simulated items - either pc2, alembic, a sequence of objs, or something else? It might be possible to pass the simulated cloth directly on to iClone.



I am very excited. I have pledged but I am not able to see the download. Could you please help?



That is on a desktop GTX 1070. Actually wasn’t very slow either. That took a few seconds to drape. I’ll try and count how many next time I fire it up. I tried to make the dress even larger, but only managed to make it explode! :slight_smile: I have not tried animating it. That would be slow, I’m sure.

FBX is used for interchange, while the actual format inside iClone is proprietary. Reallusion (developer) has a character creator that is similar to Genesis, being a single morphable mesh on a common skeleton.

The creator relies on pre-made clothing right now, and physics (PhysX) can be applied in iClone. I’m actually relying on being able to have the iClone character and Genesis match. They pretty-much do already. Then I just rig it to the iClone character in Blender, save it as FBX, and I can import it as clothing into their character creator.

The downside, I guess, is that it is not free like DAZ, and so not quite as ubiquitous.

I could get you in touch with Reallusion if you’d like. I am a tech-support contractor for them.

EDIT: It seems they would like to get in touch with you! :slight_smile: I showed them the the video of the sweater creation.


Hopefully Blender people will find this useful as well. It seems a perfect fit to use with the amazing Manual Bastioni Lab. That’s the guy from Makehuman. He jumped ship and made an even better Blender plugin for humans.