Artful Tailor 0n AppleMac


Hi Jim,

I have been interested in creating scenes in Daz with clothing that drapes realistically on a character for some time… I came across Artful Physics / Artful Tailor while doing a search for more info on use of dforce in Daz. It is exciting to find a software like Artful Physics Tailor that could solve my issues with what I’m trying to create - I’m an artist and plan to create renders that can used as reference for my work…

Would Artful Physics tools work on my system - The system I have is a MacPro (early 2009)
2.66 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon.
Memory 16 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC
NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512 MB

If so, I’m keen to become a patreon and contribute ideas, follow discussions…


Clive :star_struck:


Hey Clive,

I’m pretty sure since the nVidia GeForce GT 120 supports only up to openGL 3.3 and openCL 1.0 Artful Physics Tailor will not work on it.

What you need is a GPU that supports openGL 4.0 and openCL 1.2 at a minimum. As an example I bought an HP 8470P Elitebook on eBay for $50 that can support openGL 4.0 and openCL 1.2 and what I have is basically the minimum hardware specs for AT. It is a 3rd generation Intel CPU with Intel HD Graphics 4000. The alternative is to find a 3rd Gen Intel Desktop and add an old nVidia or AMD discrete GPU that supports at least openGL 4.0 and openCL 1.2.

Good luck.


Hi John,

Thanks for info - I’ll need to look at a new GPU… Will be watching Artful Tailor with interest till i can get sorted…:sob:


This topic does such a great job of summarizing why I am not currently releasing Mac support - and how I could be encouraged to do so. I still do test the code on Mac periodically and it still works - all hail Unity’s multi-platform support! I’m extremely glad to have John as a user pushing the envelope of low-end GPUs, but I don’t want to put anyone in a more difficult position than he is.

FYI - The last entry on under the “Bleeding Edge” section has a little bit more information about this - but I’m not sure it adds anything you two haven’t already said.


Hi Jim,

I’m itching to use Artful Physics Tailor - however I’m aware that my Applemac / GPU have become outdated and that AT won’t or may not work on my system as is. I see that my best way forward is to upgrade hardware and or graphics card (both expensive) for me at this stage, but which I aim to address.

Your reply is much appreciated… The software potential is huge and very much needed to create refined simulated cloth - which in my case is to achieve realistic final renders for reference in my work. dForce offers some acceptable simulation - but nowhere near what I see AT can produce. I feel inclined to sign up for AT anyway to try out, follow the development and contribute somehow.


Hi Jim,

As an aside… I also use Luxology Modo 11.2v2 for 3D modelling, Awesome modelling software - however simulations I’ve tried with the built in physics are cumbersome, awfully slow and unsatisfactory. Also tried plugins like Syflex… Still not achieving the results I need.

I also use Poser 11.0.7 with some good simulations, however the workflow and results again not great.
My wishlist includes having AT as a kit or plugin for Modo or standalone that pipelines with Daz and Modo…
(apologies for throwing more into the pot…)


If you are using dForce it was my understanding dForce also needs openCL 1.2 at a minimum so it sounds to me your computer must be supporting openGL 4.0 & openCL 1.2.

Apple is much better at squeezing the latest API support out of their support HW than the Microsoft vendors are.


Hi John,

I’m using dForce with the latest version of Daz I was unaware of the requirements for open GL and CL when I downloaded Daz… (Not too clued up on the tech… It seems the card I have supports open GL 3.3 and Cl 1.1 as you stated) Most simulations are very slow, taking ± 1.2 hrs for clothing items. The simulations sometimes fail as the garment breaks up near the end of the sim but I’ve managed to complete some of the tests with dForce simulations. Hair is another matter.

If I’m able to run sims with dForce - perhaps AT could work on my system. Attached is a screen grab of my system overview. Daz’s system requirements are OpenGL 1.6 compatible graphics card with at least 128 MB RAM (Hardware accelerated OpenGL 2.2, or higher, compatible recommended with 256MB+ RAM. As mentioned previously I need to upgrade graphics card or invest in a new computer - both expensive routes. Appreciate your feedback…



Well I know when I looked up that card you have the other day it said it supports what your screen shot says is does.

I believe the key for you is the openCL is openCL 1.1 and not openCL 1.0 and that’s what lets you run dForce.

At any rate, if you are running dForce you’ll find that APT has much better performance and not only that the performance of APT 0.1.1 has improved compared to APT 0.1 on my 5 year old 3rd Gen Intel laptop with no discrete video card.

So I’d go for it. I’m pretty sure it will work for you although I can’t guarantee it will if it runs at all for you it will run better than dForce.


Hi John,

Thanks a stack for your advise… I can now download the latest release - However I need a Mac installer? :exploding_head:


Opps, sorry Jim said he has tested on Mac not released and he has not plans on releasing for Mac for the time being.

That leaves the only possibility for you it to run Parallels and dualboot Windows on your Mac machine and then you are right back to openGL 3.0 and openCL 1.0 with nVidia supplied Windows drivers (I couldn’t find ones with newer support but maybe they have them?) which won’t run neither dForce or AFT.

Sorry for me goof.


Hi John,

Thanks for the quick reply… Not your fault… I will keep my fingers crossed for a Mac release. As I already run 3D apps and Adobe Creatve Suite and a bunch of other SW I’m reluctant to run Parallels / Windows on my Mac.

It’s a pity. Will follow development of APT longingly. :sob:


Well lucky APT is done with Unity 2017.3 so very feasible as Jim as said; to even think of quick publish to osX & Windows nearly simultaneously so easily even 10 years ago was like a pipe dream.