iClone Integration


Thought a separate iClone section would be a good idea. There are a few of us 'Cloners here. Using Tailor in iClone is going to be somewhat unique to using in DAZ.


So I started dissolving and merging edges in Blender to figure what was going on. And I think the “threads” holding the panels together are the issue. They eminate from the edge-loops before the edge. When I deleted the edge-loop that was the actual join of the two panels, I discovered there were edges connecting the next two edge-loops.

So in the real world, this is the rough edge outside the seam stitching that I am seeing. Because it is only a single poly wide on each side, it is rigid.

So now I think I can fix the mesh to work iClone.


I think I made mistake here. If I delete the verts, it looks as I expect. So I just fooled myself. :blush:


Now that I have my workflow, it’s going pretty quick.

Created a cool pattern in AT.

Removed inner mesh, adjusted UV’s and Material, and transferred weights from iClone character in Blender.

Imported into Character Creator for iClone.

Setting the PhysX weightmap in iClone.

Once I get everthing fine-tuned, I’ll post some video of her in action.


Got a first, unoptimized cut. This level of poly-density is a bit overkill for iClone of course. I did want to really push it though.


Is the animation hand created or was it made with a Kineck type device or purchased from the iClode store?


That one is default content. So free.


I’ve created a tutorial on how I prepare the AT output for iClone.


Whoa! Reading through this post made my head hurt - but in a good way. This is totally NOT how I imagined people would use this software, but that just makes me more impressed with what you are doing.

Nevertheless, I have to ask. Is there any way to import “animated cloth” into iClone more directly? Artful Tailor gives you a near-realtime cloth simulation engine that works well with animations. It sure seems like a shame not to be able to use that?

In a couple of weeks, I’d like to understand in more detail how this process is working and see if there are things I could do to make it easier.


Interesting see the people using Artful just like a tool to create the garments to be used in other programs. In fact, I have this interest too. But in a first moment, I’m really interested in just export the final simulation to be used in Daz, exactly what you designed Artful to do at the first moment. Just not getting too much of this due to the limitation of Genesis 3 characters. I really need to see Genesis 8 available to get all the potential that Artful has to offer.


In some future release iClone may get an Alembic import option. Currently it is using PhysX, with the idea of the physics being realtime. Realtime is a big selling-point of the software.

The robustness and speed of Tailor struck me as incredibly useful for rapidly creating clothing. Having such nice draping/wrinkling is incredibly important for realistic looking clothing. Having the UV’s already taken care of was also a huge draw. I had previously set up a Blender pipeline that allowed me to “sew” pre-UV’d panels together. Tailor just makes it so much easier! :slight_smile:

There is a lot of interest from iClone users in being able to make their clothing. Tailor is the easiest way I have ever seen!

Having a single-layer option would, of course, simplify the process a great deal. It’s pretty easy to delete a few edge-loops though, so energy towards more generally useful for all users type of things make more sense. Things like additional patterns benefit everyone using it for any platform.



I’m another Iclone guy that has been playing with your software for a day or two. I’m really impressed and offer my congratulations.

The really important point to take from Rampa’s video is that he had to refit the cloth from the default Daz figure onto an Iclone figure. This at times can be difficult, especially with a dense mesh. If we could create cloth on a standard Iclone Character Creator figure, this would eliminate that step.

For me, the usefulness of the software is that it gives me a mesh with some realistic folds and wrinkles, something that I don’t have the artistic ability to do with a sculpting program. The procedure I use is as follows:

A. Get an obj out of Artful Physics.
B. Take out the inner mesh as per Rampa’s video.
C. Fit the Garment on to a CC template as per Rampa’s video.
D. Take the Garment into 3d coat and retopologize to a mesh around 5000 polygons.
E. Export the new garment from 3d coat with a baked normal map as an obj.
F. Take the garment into Blender and weight paint and export to CC as per Rampa’s video.

So for me, the software works well as is. The only thing I want is to make Artful Physics cloth on an Iclone template and pants. Yup. Make pants a priority. I’ve got epic space operas to make and you can’t blast a cylon to smithereens without pants.

Just out of curiosity, do you see the possibility of bringing a mesh made in ,say blender, into Artful Physics and running the cloth simulation on it? That would be the ideal for a lot of people but I have no idea how difficult that would be for you to program.

Anyway, good job. Please keep it up.


Being able to import an FBX character model would take care of iClone characters, and most others as well.


Lots and lots of creative people out there! If we could get the word out to more Daz people, it would be helpful. i tried to post about this plugin but Daz immediately deleted it saying, “no 3rd party advertising”. Tells me they are more interested in $$ than helping their customers get more use out of their software. I will try and find a way to get the word out!


They don’t allow commercial posts of competitive product links.

I am making a render with a mod of the t-shirt dress from Artful Physics Tailor that I will post to the DAZ Gallery and state how I made the gown and reference the Patreon of AT. That’s allowed - I do it all the time with products I’ve bought at Renderosity.com in the DAZ Gallery.


What a wonderful idea!! Maybe I will do that too! Also, there is a Daz community on FB that I just joined. I think I will present it there too.


Well it looks like iClone’s character creator is going to get rigging/weighting features. This will allow me to skip the Blender step entirely for getting draped AFT clothing into iClone.

I sure wish it had as a good a physics/collision as AFT! Then there would be no rigging needed at all. :slight_smile:


Sounds Good. I recently bought a Blender Market product called Cloth Weaver but as I’ve been busy preparing to go on vacation I haven’t tried it yet.

I guess I will compare it and APT when I get back. I will use both I think.


Cloth Weaver looks pretty interesting. It automates the process a bit. I used to do that all manually. I was inspired to start from flat sheets for easy UV mapping. So glad ATF uses flat sheets as it’s basis, for the same reason.

I’m sure looking forward to getting the pants to experiment with bringing into iClone.