Flat Patterns. Kind of like Marvelous Designer


I just realized how the “Flat” option in the editor settings works. Now I feel kind of stupid for not realizing it sooner! :wink:


That was awesome! I can’t wait to play with it some more!


This was so much fun to watch this morning! Thank you. I feel like I’ve learned a ton about how my own tool actually works by seeing someone else use it.

The issue you hit with the sleeves around 3:40 into the video is somewhat a bug in the code - but it is also something you can dramatically improve today. The problem is that in the default T-pose, the figures arms are slightly bent at the elbow by about 10 degrees. For draping a long sleeve, Artful Tailor assumes that the arm is perfectly straight - and if you have tight sleeves or collars this can cause these sorts of problems:

However, if you bend the arms in Daz Studio to make them perfectly straight - in this case, I set the forearm bend to +/- 10 degrees to get that, the initial draping will work out much better.