Development status please


I just became a Patreon, but when I look at the activity i am a littlebit worried. We are now in mid February 2019, and the latest post was in Dec 18 2018

I don’t mean do be rude or demanding, but I need to get the latest development status if you want me to continue the support.


Esimacio, the guy took our money and ran. He has not been on here since Jan 2018, not Dec 2018. He has not responded to any of our pleas for updates. I even sent a letter to him last summer and that didn’t move him either. At first we thought maybe there was a health issue but someone was able to chat with his grown son and found out he is fine. This guy is a con artist who was just looking for a fast buck. I supported him until June of 2018 then stopped. Please stop supporting him. He does not deserve your support.