Is everything okay Jim?


We haven’t heard from you in quite sometime. Could you please check in with us occasionally? :smiley:


I think the pants pattern(s=) aren’t cooperating. :laughing: That and real job duties.


I hope it’s all fine. Anyway, updates on what is going on are always welcome.


I’m a new patron, I’ve been trying out the program this whole evening and… wow. I truly am impressed! I come from marvelous designer, but I was looking for something like this. I really love the idea of a community to improve the software, which is just insanely good as it is. I hope Jim is doing well! Feeling proud about discovering this gem!


Still lurking daily, like all of you guys. Is there anybody who knows Jim personally or/and could ask him if the project is still ongoing? Having a short update would make a huge difference.


I have his address so i will be writing him, asking for an update. I don’t want to continue donating if he is not going to communicate with us. It has been 5 months since he even checked in!


Thanks! Let us know about any update, even small. I would love to keep donating but I have limited budget and would rather invest in a project that I’m sure is still ongoing.


Yes, that is a bit rude. I know development can run in to all sorts of obstacles but really given it’s a monthly donation a monthly paragraph or two on APT development status would be in order.

If he has lost interest then if he could so kind of to MIT the source to this group would be nice. We’ve already donated more than the costs of most consumer level software.