As of June 10, there are 129 Patrons of Artful Physics Tailor!


As of June 10, there are 129 Patrons of Art Physics Tailor!

So what would really be nice if each of the 129 patrons created 1 render from a scene created using Artful Physics Taylor as it would be great feedback on what works easily and what need extensions and improvements.


Where are you seeing that number? It says 52 on the front page. It was a little more this time last month…60 something. The number has been going down.


it says now there are 130 users.

Perhaps that is total number of users for December 2017 - June 2018 including users that have dropped their pledges. 52 users is nothing to sneeze at though as that is a minimum of $520 a month for a few months now so let’s hope we see some progress soon.


Well, it’s really going to depend on Jim showing back up. It has been 6 months and a no-show. I have written him and we will see how he responds. I won’t stay around if he is going just take our money and run.


Well I don’t think he’s going to take the money and run as he worked something like a year & a half before on that program before he even started the Patreon page. The money, although a sizeable amount probably doesn’t amount to a month’s pay in those areas of Washington state, not that a month’s pay is anything to be ungrateful for.

If he is going to make APT easier & more flexible than say, Material Designer, then that’s a long row to hoe.

If he was just going to add the badly needed pants, shorts, socks, shoes, buttons, zippers, and such things as various patterns that is also a lot of work especially since he isn’t a tailor by trade but I would have expected to see something in that case by now.

So I can’t say how long I will pledge as I do expect him to come back with really good results but it’s odd to hear nothing at all for 6 months.


I have no problem donating for years as long as he would touch base with us even just once a month. If he is having issues in life and can’t work on it, tell us! If he it is taking longer than he thought, tell us. I just think that if we are giving money to him, he could at least communicate with us. Communication is all I require.


Well I’m taking the approach that I shouldn’t be a patron for longer than I could buy commercially similar SW on the market and factoring into that the risk that I am being a patron for SW being developed still that may not ever be fully functional.

Typically Marvelous Designer has multiple sales every year which one can buy a perpetual license at $250, so I figure $120 paid as a patron is long enough, especially if those 12 months go by and the only update we’ve gotten to the SW release in December was in early January.

I wouldn’t blame anyone for dropping their patronage though and I’m not trying to sway patrons one way or another.


What we have so far is amazing, I really loved this software since I saw the first videos before his launch.

I’m no longer donating, but looking anxiously for news.

Six months no update is really far from what was said in the beginning, something about one or two updates by month.

Nothing justifies the long six months of silence except death or bad injuries/illness that put you in terrible in bed. I hope not. But apparently, we have no way to know that.

I really hope to hear good news about Jim and APT soon.


I am soooo deeply disappointed. I wrote Jim a heartfelt letter. It was not returned so it had to have reached its destination. Not even a peep from Jim. He could have just come and touched base with us to let us know what’s been going on in his life but no communication at all. I have left messages all over. He is either dead, injured/sick, metally ill or just doesn’t care. I will be ending my donation at the end of this month. I really had high hopes for this software too.


I think he must be out of the country in Japan or something. I checked the YouTube channels he has and such internet presenses but there is not activity. He stated in January he was visiting his son in Japan for a few weeks but I think maybe he’s stayed there.

LOL, apparently working for Microsoft and Google gives people that work for them deep pockets but we donors ain’t got the deep pockets to make their pockets deeper.

I am staying subscribed until December, in hopes that the pants he showed a preview and other things he was working on get released.

I don’t think he’s abandoned the project though I’m a a loss as to why he doesn’t drop a polite line or two monthly.


I noticed when he first was working on the project over a year ago, he posted his first videos on YouTube then went over to the Daz forums and posted there. He posted another video shortly after that then disappeared. I was following him on YouTube. Lots of people commenting on his videos and asking questions but he never replied. Then one day, out of the blue, he pops back up again with the program and the idea of Patreon. This seems like the same pattern he followed before. The difference here is, many people have committed to support him and he has disappeared again. Even if he was in Japan, they have internet there too. Again, I am deeply disappointed. I will also stay subscribed, hoping for the best, but I will withdraw my support since he is not doing his part.


Well, I don’t hold that against you and no one else does either.

I’m going to try & make an animation & alter one of the cloth patterns for it using transparent surfaces in the next month. I had not been doing much with ATP in anticipation of the new clothing patterns that we were should a preview up but I guess that comes when he finishes adding features.


I have decided to stop contributing because I’m on a very tight budget, I still check almost daily to see if there’s any update, I think that shows how hyped I was for this software. I hope one day to see APT in development again.

Good luck everyone!


bye have fun at everything else you do