Possible to see obj exporter from Daz to Tailor (and Pattern converter for MD)?


Hi Jim :slight_smile:

Do you plan on adding a way to export a clothing or fabric type of object (or any object that we want to somehow softbody simulate really) to Tailor and sim / manipulate it there?

I understand that this would probably require adding the functionality to the bridge to take the selected object from DS, convert it to the pattern format the Tailor works with and sends it to the Tailor. And you probably had to restrict it to pre-defined templates for a few basic types for the converter, so it would know what it is, a shirt, pants etc. Obviously the converter could not guess what type you try to send and I don’t expect to see any obscure niche templates like “Scarves” or “Socks”. FOR NOW :smiley:

Oh …and I just thought about another thing, do you reckon it would be somehow possible to maybe use the same functionality if I exported an obj out of MD with whatever settings you require? Or even better a MD pattern to Tailor pattern converter?

Ehm. Yeah, well, I shared my dream, I know it’s probably too much to ask for, but you never know.

Happy Holidays :smiley:


Recently MD added a new functionality called “line tack”.

You can create a pattern and then use that tool to draw a line on the edge of the pattern and then draw second line on the avatar to sew it to surface.

Here’s what I think you could do in sequence:

  1. Make a cloth in Tailor
  2. Send cloth and its animation to Studio
  3. Save the project
  4. Delete everything except the cloth
  5. Export first frame as OBJ to use as an Avatar in MD
  6. Export MDD sequence
  7. Import both into MD
  8. Create patterns and line tack them to your cloth as an avatar
  9. Export created patterns as OBJ sequence back to Daz3D

Lots of work but that’s the closest thing to what I think is what you want to achieve.

I used this method in my recent work where I needed to add some frills to sailor collar on my remilia model:


Thank you, it’s sweet that you share your thoughts about using MD to sim, but that is contrary to my request - this was about using Tailors much better simming via GPU. All I really want to achieve is to convince Jim to put in the things I mentioned in my post - basically literally what I wrote up there :slight_smile:

I would be happy if I could sim any object from Daz in Tailor with GPU power. :smiley: