Some feature requests for clothing design


Adding a functionality that one could take flat pieces of cloth, and use straight pins to fasten them on a model, and then either sew them together or convert to zipper, velcro, buttons, clasps, and so on would be a major big deal.

It could also be used to add pockets and embroidery and such things (although embroidery seems better handled by just positioning an image and saying to use splines to trace & stitch).


I’m sorry to report that this bug would not exist if I split the shirt :disappointed_relieved:. The bug isn’t there when the two pieces of cloth are on separate panels…


Just as well, I suppose.

How are panels held together? Are the small particles “zippers”, so to speak?


The regularly spaced small particles that are aligned with the seam between the two panels implement the fabric seam. They have their own physical properties for stiff seams or creased seams or … The difference between a seam and a zipper is mainly a matter of scale - so it’s a pretty reasonable claim that these are zippers.


Hi Jim, I absolutely love your tool. It has so much potential.

I can see most of people are focusing on some really interesting features, but i’d like to add more if I can:

  1. Body Friction: the clothes slide easily from the avatar sometime
  2. Wind Turbulence: the wind looks more like a constant force, some turbulence would make the animation more natural.
  3. Adding other Daz clothes as static on the avatar.

I apologise if someone already brought some of this points or if they already are part of the tool and I didn’t realize.



Please don’t apologize for either of these things. If someone did already bring these things up then seeing you repeating them would be a useful reminder of there importance. If they are already part of the tool and you can’t figure them out, then that would be an even more useful reminder that something needs to be either documented or made more visible in the UI.

I agree. The friction of both the body and the cloth is currently set to a fairly low default value. The current behavior is a pretty good representation of a very smooth satiny cloth on a dry and not very sticky human. This choice tends to produce better initial draping and avoids occasionally weird behavior when friction is too high.

The right answer here is to add a parameter for tuning this both on the figure and the cloth. Since the underlying code is already there, this should be pretty easy and likely to show up in the next release.

The wind is currently a constant force, so I’m glad it looks that way :slight_smile: What I do to get the turbulence is to mess around with the sliders during the animation. Because things are real-time or near real-time this can work surprisingly well. This isn’t an excuse not to look into adding turbulence however. Good feature request.

Could you be more specific about what you want here? Maybe with a few pictures or short animation? I often add in other clothes - pants in particular - after simulation to the renders and this works just fine. For the case where the pants are a little bit thicker, you can increase the “Collision Margin” under simulation settings. This makes the figure a little bit bigger and can often make adding other cloths later work well.


Hi Jim, thank you so much for your reply.

About the wind turbulence, I’ve been playing with the sliders too for now, but I think it would be a nice addon.

About the last point, I meant to add the clothes to the avatar before sending it to the tool to make also those clothes interact along with the avatar with the dynamic ones.
I must say that actually using collision margin works fine most of the times, but i think it would add depth to the simulation.